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Serdi 3.0 M Guide And Seat Machine

This is a used 3.0 in very nice condition it has tool sharpener,vacuum tester, tilt clamping fixture. This is a 220 volt single phase power. This unit has limited tooling 2 tool holders,1 drill chuck, 1 seat driver and collet adapter and 7 carbide pilots.

Los Angeles $9,000.00 Mar 29 17:14  
PAPIMI Electromagnetic Therapeutic Pulse Generator

For sale is a like new condition PAPIMI electromagnetic therapeutic pulse generator machine, used for almost 6 hours. The most effective device for natural therapy, rehabilitation, stimulation, wellness and athletic performance boost! Introduction Papimi device is a pulsed magnetic field generator. The application of the Papimi pulsed magnetic field is not only limited to treatment / rehabilitation, but it also supports maintenance of health and wellness. In addition, it improves athletic...

Los Angeles $5,000.00 Mar 29 17:13  
Monette Prana P1 C Trumpet Gold Plated

This Monette Prana P1 C Trumpet is a players dream. It plays flawlessly, perfect slotting. In-tune Eb, E (top space)-no alternate fingerings required. Extra rubber gaskets for bottom caps. Monette case, molded for this particular trumpet as Monette typically does. I'll include 2 mouthpieces Prana C2S3 and Prana C11S5.

Los Angeles $2,700.00 Mar 29 17:12  
McElroy 824 2 Jaw LF Model 2473301 Pipe Butt Fusio

McElroy 824 2 Jaw LF Model 2473301 Pipe Butt Fusion Machine Welding. Recently serviced, perfect working condition.

Los Angeles $8,000.00 Mar 29 17:12  
Lagler Hummel 8inch Beltsander with LED Light

* Perfect sanding of small and large areas * Extremely economical * Belt can be changed in seconds * Fail-safe and sturdy design * Optimized dust extraction * Low-fatigue operation * LED work light eliminates need for separate light source * Includes 33 ft. power cord, dust bag, hanger cable and mounting tools * Single-phase AC motor with no-voltage release and thermal overload protection: 220V/ 60 CPS/ 2.9KW * Necessary fuse protection of mains supply: Min. 30 A *...

Los Angeles $3,000.00 Mar 29 17:11  
Hilti DS TS30 wall saw

Hilti ds ts 30 for sale . Hydraulic wall saw for cutting openings for windows and doors in block , stone , brick or reinforced concrete . This machine consists of 1 x hydraulic saw head . 1 x hydraulic power pack . 1 plug in remote control . 8 hydraulic hoses . 2 x 63amp 3 phase cables ( 25 mar ) 2 x 32amp 3 phase cables All the accessories wedges , pins , legs etc . 1 x 650mm diamond blade 1 x 900mm diamond blade 2 x 1000mm diamond blade . 6 x various sized flush cutting blade...

Los Angeles $6,000.00 Mar 29 17:10  
Espec TSE-11-A Thermal Shock Chamber

Excellent condition, Only 1794 hours. Optional computer interface. Complete manuals for the chamber and controller. Power: 208V 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz

Los Angeles $6,000.00 Mar 29 17:08  
Diedrich IR-12 Coffee Roaster

Diedrich coffee roaster IR-12. This unit was totally refurbished by the manufacturer.It comes with its own exhausting pipe. Perfect condition.

Los Angeles $6,000.00 Mar 29 17:07  
Coogar Mark VIII BP Wax Machine

Hello. Up for sale is my Coogar Mark VIII Batch Pumper. I purchased this machine new 3.5 years ago and used it during the summer months to pour wax. It works absolutely fantastic and has always been cleaned and stored indoors. The manual comes with the machine as well.This machine is for anyone serious in the wax or candle biz. It greatly reduces the time and pain of pouring wax. Its time for me to move on from wax.

Los Angeles $5,000.00 Mar 29 17:06  
Climax BB 5000 Portable Line Boring Machine with S

This machine just came in and it is in excellent shape. Let's start with the bad. This machine had an 8 foot bar but one job required a short bar and having none they made one out of their 8 foot bar. Chopped now there are two. One 59 inches and another 37 inches. With the small bar kit, everything looks very nice and although it looks used, it works good and many of the parts never were used. The motor and gear drive work great and the power box works as it should. The small bar is in great...

Los Angeles $8,000.00 Mar 29 17:05  
Cineflex V14 HD 5-axis gyro stabilized aerial syst

Health issues force sale of this Cineflex V14 aerial camera system (SN#009) which was purchased new in 2005. Sale includes FAA approved (with STC paperwork) helicopter mounts for Bell Jet Ranger, Bell Long Ranger, Eurocopter AS-350 (A-Star) and Eurocopter AS-355 (Twin-Star) helicopters. Isolation mount included. This system is in excellent condition and is 100% operational with no issues. The system consists of the camera gimbal, electronics box, and laptop controller. The camera inside...

Los Angeles $12,000.00 Mar 29 17:05  
Carpigiani LB-302G RTX TRU 2-W 15 Qt. Water Cooled

Carpigiani LB-302G RTX TRU 2-W 15 Qt. Water Cooled Ice Cream/Gelato. Equip your gelato shop, ice cream shop, or restaurant with this Carpigiani LB-302G RTX TRU 2-W 15 qt. water cooled ice cream / gelato / high and low overrun desserts batch freezer! This machine is perfect for making up to a 15 qt. batch of ice cream, gelato, and high overrun or low overrun desserts, such as sorbet, sherbet, water ice, and custard, meeting the high demand of your customers. Built to be extremely...

Los Angeles $6,000.00 Mar 29 17:03  
Bore repair system boring bar and 408i auto welder

Bore repair system boring bar & 408i auto welder. Capable of boring From 1.5” to 24” 1-2” 8’ bar 1-2” 4 bar 1- 1.250” 8’ bar 1- 1.250” 4’ bar All measuring tool and cutters. Well taken care of and in great shape. Hyd machine with Hyd power packs.

Los Angeles $18,000.00 Mar 29 17:02  
New Blackhawk (Black Hawk) Powered Paraglider 172c

This New Black Hawk (Blackhawk) classic 172cc, may very well be the LAST NEW 172 on the market. After many years of success, as one of the best and most popular powered paraglider motors in history, Paratoys recently replaced it with a 175. This motor has never been used, never been flown, and NEVER EVEN STARTED! I am the first owner, having purchased directly from Bob Armond. I set it on blocks, covered it up, inside my fully enclosed garage in Baja Mexico, in early 2007. I initially planned...

Los Angeles $1,800.00 Mar 29 17:01  
AMI/Arc Machines Inc Model 227 Power Supply with C

The Model 227 is a 100/225 A pre-programmed / programmable, inverter-type, GTAW welding power supply and controller designed for (but not limited to) automatic orbital welding applications that require the addition of filler material. Welds produced by this machine meet or exceed the specifications required by industries as diverse as: food, dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical, power generation, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, nuclear, shipbuilding, etc. Its small size and rugged casing...

Los Angeles $4,000.00 Mar 29 16:59  
2022 Goodnature EG-260 Cold Press Juicer X-1 High

2022 Goodnature EG-260 Cold Press Juicer X-1 high volume Extractor on casters Model EG-260 IPX4, serial number 251407, 230volts, 1 phase. 2x 230volts plugs. Great looking unit. Comes with all extra items.

Los Angeles $6,000.00 Mar 29 16:59  
2021 Trackman 4 Indoor Outdoor Dual Launch Monitor

One year old Trackman 4, Indoor/Outdoor dual launch monitor, in great shape and was used mostly indoors for lessons and club fittings. No longer need it and would love to find a good home where it will be used. Software has expired and the buyer will need to be renew the license. It comes with a nice trackman backpack.

Los Angeles $8,000.00 Mar 29 16:58  
2021 Southern Pride 500 smoker

2021 Southern Pride 500 smoker used on trailer. This unit was used for 1 year. It is in immaculate condition and ready for its new home. 90 day warranty included. A smoke extractor can be added to this unit. It can also be converted to natural gas.

Los Angeles $10,000.00 Mar 29 16:57  
2020 McElroy 28 pipe fusion machine with 6 inch ma

McElroy 28 pipe fusion machine 2020 model with 6" master jaws and 4" fusion jaws. This a current model 28 machine that is in perfect working order. It has only 39 hours on it. This is the same model of machine that you would get if you bought a new machine from McElroy for 28K and for that you would not get any Jaws. The heater plates are like new. The only issues with the machine are that it got some coating overspray on it as shown in the pictures, also the pipe lift handle is missing.

Los Angeles $6,000.00 Mar 29 16:56  
2019 Epilog Fusion Pro 48 Laser Engraver 120 Watts

EPILOG Fusion Pro 48 - 120 Watts Laser System 48x36" very low used! We bought it new from Epilog in July 2019. It has very little hours on it. This will come with standard slat, engraving and vector grid tables. Laser is in excellent condition, fully functional. Well known brand. Amazing quality and perfect customer service. A real workhorse for any business that requires reliability and top notch quality.

Los Angeles $10,000.00 Mar 29 16:55