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Spellbreak: Guide to Use Conduit Class

Among all six different types of classes in Spellbreak, Conduit Class may stun you through its power if used in the right way. “Conduit” Class is a completely different class from other classes. It does not have explosive abilities like Pyromancer or as tanky as Stoneshaper. Conduit has enough abilities hidden in its sleeves that players can access. So here is the guide to striking down the opponents using powerful, electrifying moves.

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Is Your Apple Watch Troubling You? Here’s How to T

Sometimes using your old gadgets seem so comforting no matter the condition of it. It is because upgrading requires a lot of effort, and even if you pass through the same, the device starts creating fuss which is annoying to handle. If you’re one of those who have upgraded your Apple Watch and it’s not behaving, you don’t have to panic. Even the newest of technologies can act mad at times, which has a definite fix. Below is a guide on potential fixes for issues occurring with your new Apple W...

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Call of Duty Mobile: Reward for Hunt for Makarov

Call of Duty Mobile recently launched a fresh content in the game with plenty of rewards to offer. The “Hunt for Makarov” is live in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10. “Vladimir Makarov” is a popular villain of Call of Duty. Now in the latest Season 10, players are asked to hunt down the Makarov. The hunt has already started, and it will be over on 1 October, but there are several rewards related to this mission that players can earn. Call of Duty Mobile officially confirmed about the mission thr...

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How to Work With App Library on Your iPhone

Nothing could organize your home screen and widgets as flawlessly as the App Library of iOS 14 on your iPhone. The app library feature manages all the applications to keep you away from the clutter. The apps are grouped or categorized automatically and enable you easy access to the same. Interestingly, you can distinguish recent and old apps and organize them in two different folders. Not only this, but you can choose to keep the widgets appearing on the home screen or just the Library. Some...

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Prime Video Error 7017 Occurring? Here’s the Fix

Staying at home all the time can be frustrating. Thus, most of us decide to binge-watch shows and movies on streaming platforms like Amazon. What if it disappoints you as well? Though Amazon is counted amongst one of the most popular streaming platforms, it can bring up errors sometimes. Are you trying to play your favorite shows but is it taking a lot of time to load? Moreover, if the error message 7017 occurs on the screen, you need to fix it to proceed to enjoy your shows. If you’re o...

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remake: Find the School

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remake has brought plenty of new challenges and rewards in the game. Based on the levels, players have to complete the challenges that provide amazing rewards. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 has made its return with the same title, but there many new secrets that players have to discover. School levels are one of the most amazing levels in the game. In the School 2 level, there are some collectibles available that players have to find. Finding the Secret Tape from School 2...

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How to Set Up Family Sharing on iPhone and iPad

Parents are usually upset about their transaction cards being used by the children to purchase apps or content from iTunes. Mostly everyone has the same question. Is there no way to set up parental controls? Well, there’s one thing you can do, and that is setting up family sharing on your iPhone and iPad. Family sharing is a service that enables you and your family to share all the purchases. Not only this, but you can set up such controls that your children seek permission before investing i...

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